Dog Shampoo For Pets

Keeping your dog clean and smelling new can be a breeze with the innovative DeodoRite dog shampoos. This dog shampoo is made of natural ingredients like cucumber, mint, and aloe extracts to keep your dog feeling healthy and clean throughout the day. This dog shampoo is free from petrochemicals to avoid irritation and keeps your dog looking clean and silky between shampoos.


Treat your dog to a lavish bath using the humiliatingly named Large Pet Grooming Wet Dog Treats from up & above. This organic dog shampoo, along with the adorable DeodoRite dog shampoo, is formulated to leave your dog looking like a pampered doggie in seconds. These large pet grooming wipes contain natural ingredients like aloe, cucumber, mint, and lavender to keep your dog feeling clean and silky between treatments. Simply wet the wipes and apply generous amounts to your dog’s bath and rub in circular motions to remove excess water. For added convenience, use these two DeodoRite products together for a one-two-three double rinse.

Your dog deserves a treat for all of his/her pamperings! Get him or her the same treatment your canine friend receives on a regular basis with the Shameless Pets Tender Loving Treat from Up & Above. Made from all-natural ingredients like aloe, mint, aloe vera, cucumber, and other soothing herbs, this dog treat is convenient and guaranteed to leave your dog with an irresistible scent.

Create the ultimate in deodorizing pet wipes to battle stubborn smell issues. These dog wipes are great for quick spot cleaning and contain Aloe Vera, cetyl myristoleate, citrus extracts, and other healing ingredients to help refresh your pooch’s breath and help to fight unwanted odors. These wipes will also leave your dog looking super clean and smelling fresh.

Feeling like your dog has been on a diet? Sick of hissing and growling? Bring out your favorite dog treats and bring your pal along for a treat of his very own: the Shameless Pets AffenTastic Treat from Shocked Pet Products. This delectable dog treat features Cayenne, peppermint, spearmint, orange zest, and lemon to help mask bad breath, reduce shedding, and give your dog the nutrients he needs to stay healthy. This is one of several Shocked Pet products designed to help you create the perfect doggy treat.

Whether it’s time to treat your dog to a new orthopedic dog bed, or a cuddly plush toy that lets your best friend to snuggle up next to you at night, there are some great options out there for canine owners. Some dog toys are even more fun than treats because they actually interact with your dog as they play and give him a variety of different experiences to keep him occupied. For example, the Doggie Poopie Sandbox offers an interactive play experience with a rotating sand box, while the Puppy Tuff Stuff Mold offers the same comfort and convenience but is formulated with dog stuffed materials instead of plastic or cloth.

For dogs with sensitive or painful joints, an OTC remedy is usually the most effective way to treat discomfort and inflammation. While commercial medications can be used for some dogs, many are simply not formulated to treat pain in dogs with joint problems. Dogs with arthritis or chronic illness will need a more specialized formula to combat joint pain. However, there are several brands of ointments, gels, and creams available specifically formulated for dogs with joint problems. These products have proven to work with many pets and provide them with all of the comfort and benefits of prescription medication without the harmful side effects.

If you’re concerned about the chemicals found in commercial pet products, you should know that natural ingredients are becoming popular options for pet owners. Some dogs will suffer from allergic reactions to common ingredients, and pets need to stay away from flea and tick treatments containing harsh chemicals. Fortunately, pet owners can easily find safe and gentle alternatives to conventional dog food. Instead of exposing their pets to harsh chemicals, they can use a dog ear cleaner that contains natural ingredients to soothe irritated skin and promote overall health.